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Summer 2010

It has been a very busy and hot Summer of 2010 in Tennessee.

We had a feathered friend early in the Summer that was more interested in what was inside
instead of outside.

The boys tried bowling for the first time on UT's Campus courtesy of the ASA-ETC.

He got a strike on his first try.

Quinlin was better at rolling the ball.

Vacation Bible School wrapped up with several songs during the Sunday service.
(Egan is in the red and white striped shirt on the right side of the steps.  Second row, first on the left.)

Egan moved on to two-wheeling without training wheels.

Summer time fun with the sprinkler.

Oscar, our first Dachshund.

Dusty the one eyed wiener dog.

Scrappy, the three legged wonder dog.

We spent a week at the end of July camping at Yogi's Jellystone park in Gatlinburg.

The boys showing off  after face painting.

One, Two, Three....  Jump!

This cool mountain creek ran right behind our campsite.

We took a hayride with Yogi.

We took a ride over to North Carolina to visit Thomas at the Great Smoky Mountain Railway.
While there we visited their model train museum.

We got stuck at a crossing waiting for Thomas.

While at the Aquarium of the Smokies, Egan found this Catfish that was as tall as him.

Quinlin took the underwater tunnel to get a closer look at the Penguins.

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